The Loudness of Silence

I triple check each one of my shoes.
Left, left, left is OK. Right, right, right is OK…
NO scorpions here!

“Can we go now?”
“Just a sec, let me check one more time. Left OK, right OK. We’re good to go!”

I need to pee. So does my bf Miha.


We are in Morocco. Actually at the moment we are really close to Algeria – we’re camping in the dessert.


I rode my first camel yesterday. She was pregnant AND she had to carry my 210lb ass.
I wanted to tip her, but apparently camels are the only living creatures in Morocco that don’t ask for tips.
She was just grateful I got off her back as soon as I could – have I mentioned that I don’t like heights!

And my butt hurts. After a 7-hour minivan drive… Auch.

Our tour guide picked us up in the middle of the night. We had a 7-hour drive ahead of us. Destination: Sahara dessert.

He was smiling when he saw us. He dragged us away from the other tourists and said: “You pay now. No tell others about price. Never. It so cheap I no make money.”
He took our money and started laughing.

We got in the van and the first thing people (random folks we didn’t know) started talking about was the price. We just nodded, smiled and mentioned “a cheap offer from our riad (a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard)”. We didn’t want to tell them that Manca bargained a bit.
We payed the same price (150$) as everyone else. But our price was for 4 persons – not just for 1.

What can I say: Moroccans like to bargain.
We didn’t know that at the beginning, so naturally we overpaid the taxi, the riad, the food, the clothes, the first tour…
But by the end of the second day we assimilated to the Moroccan way of dealing with life.

Our trip was composed of 2 days (1 night) of pure fun!
It was hot, it was “sandy” and people were nagging every minute of our 7-hour drive to the dessert (and back), but we had fun.
We rode camels, ate and danced under the stars … It was magical!

After dinner and some relaxation-time by the fire we all went to bed. Excited and overwhelmed with new experiences, we were tired as fu*k.

When everyone was asleep, I went out of the tent to take one last look at the stars…
It’s amazing how bright they are and how dark everything else is. It makes you feel small and insignificant.
Complete silence… so loud it’s scary.

I’m better off to bed.

I’m walking behind him because it’s pitch black and he’s got a head lamp. Mine was somewhere in the tent. One of the scorpions probably took it.
“Dude, I can’t see sh*t! Walk slower!”

He’s either enjoying this or he really has to go.

I had enough. I stopped because I figured that noone is gonna be mad if I water the sand a little bit.
As I’m relieving myself, I begin to think about all the bugs and other nasty creatures that might be crawling in my presence.
“MIHA, where are you?”
I hate his shy bladder, couldn’t he do it like a man – I’m sure the toilet is much nastier than peeing under the stars?

It’s so romantic here in the middle of the dessert. I could be here fore… Fu*king bugs. Can you hear that? What is that?!

Ew! I’m somewhat running back to the tent and within seconds I’m back in my “bed”.
Well, you know the drill: I check the sheets, under the sheets, under the pillow, under the… MANY seconds later I’m trying to fall asleep.
Maybe I should count sheep… Or SCORPIONS?

1000 CAMELS?
One of the guys that organised this trip made me an offer just minutes before our departure.


He offered me 1000 camels for my lady (Manca). We laughed and he told me that she is a really good bargainer.
I still said “NO” because she also has a nice ass that I like more than any camel’s ass.

On the way back (it all ended so quickly) we visited a museum. Our museum guide was a Berber. He never left Morocco and never went to school but we spoke English, German, Spanish, Italian and a little Croatian (our neighbouring country that has a very similar language to Slovenian).


It was amazing. I was mind blown by the fact that he had learned all the languages only by talking to tourists that visited this museum. #respect

As we arrive back to Marrakesh the sound of complete silence is nothing but a beautiful memory. Streets of Marrakesh are loud and… beautiful on a whole ‘nother level.



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