FALL in sLOVEnia

Two million people in one chicken?!
Sounds like magic…
Do you like magic?
Everyone likes magic!

Visit Slovenia – a small chicken-shaped gem in the heart of Central Europe – to find the real magic!

Chicken, dragons and other creatures weird Slovenians

Bordering Croatia in the South, Italy in the West, Hungary in the East and Austria in the North, Slovenia has it all!
The Alps, a tiny coastline, the Karst region, the Pannonian plain… You name it, we have it!
The majority of Slovenian terrain is hilly or mountainous – more than 90% of the surface lies at least 200 meters above sea level – meaning it’s also suitable for non-swimmers.


It’s small-ness makes it perfect for the “all inclusive” vacations.
We have lakes, an island, sea, caves, plains, mountains, resorts (winter, summer, wellness…) and much more.
The best part is that everything is just around the corner – the furthest-apart places in Slovenia are just 3 hours and 15 minutes apart (driving by car)!

What are you waiting for?
Still not sure you should visit?
Keep reading!

Let’s start with Slovenia’s capital: Ljubljana.

A backpacker’s guide to Ljubljana – one of the most beautiful cities in Europe
(if you are not a backpacker lover – read this to avoid maximum fun and all the fun-having backpackers)

Guarded by dragons, Ljubljana is one of the safest capitals in Europe and is also one of the smallest capitals in the world, therefore perfect for backpacking.

Let me give you the 5 “How to sLOVEnia” tips:

– It’s pronounced lub-lee-yana (Ljubljana)
– It’s na zdravje (cheers) and dober tek (Bon Appétit)
– It’s hvala (thank you) and prosim (please and you are welcome)

Slovenians (in general) speak good or at least a little English so feel free to speak English (trying to speak Slovenian leads to depression and/or drinking).

Normally food is the first on the list but I’m making an exception – one must learn our language before having the privilege of enjoying some real authentic Slovenian food!
Joking – if that was true, most of the tourists in Slovenia would die of starvation.

From homemade authentic Slovenian food to Burgers (with a capital B – Because our Burgers are B-Fu*king awesome!) – if you are vegetarian or vegan, meat lover or lactose-intolerant: Slovenia equals food haven.


For a “quick sneak peak into Slovenia’s cuisine” book your Ljubljananjam FOODWALK or visit OPEN KITCHEN food market (only on Fridays) on Pogačar square and enjoy all the local food from local ingredients at local prices and with local hospitality!

Three: DRINK(s)
Even though many people think that Slovenia is a part of Russia or that Yugoslavia still exists – that is NOT correct. But there is something that we and our Slavic brothers have in common: the love of (making) spirit drinks. Maybe it’s a bit similar to moonshining (we never had prohibition in Slovenia). We (our grandfathers mostly) make šnops a version of schnapps or similar to rakija – a fruit brandy with alcohol content of 40-80% (sometimes even 90%). It is a strong beverage that any real Slovenian is happy to offer to visitors – it’s a sign of welcoming you to our country (just go easy on the welcoming yourself if you are not alcohol tolerant).


Tap water has the same color but different taste, purpose and alcohol percentage (0%, of course) – but Slovenians are equally proud of it and of all country’s water resources. There is drinkable water in (almost) every household in Slovenia. You can also drink water in the middle of the capital city Ljubljana – from public drinking fountains (operating from April to November). You can also check out the public drinking fountain locations at the website of the Vo-ka public company or download the mobile application ‘Tap Water Ljubljana’ for iOS or Android.

Slovenia is also known for its small breweries and world known wineries.

Getting thirsty?

Have you ever slept in a prison? Yes? Ok, but have you ever slept in a vault? Yes? Ok, but have you ever slept in a… Ah, c’mon – who are you kidding? No one slept in a cell AND in a vault by choice (ignore this if you are an armed robber convicted of a bank robbery)!


In Slovenia that IS possible! Two of our best known hostels are in fact a former prison (Celica) and a former bank/vault (Tresor).
We also have other – ordinary hostels and hotels and B&Bs and apartments… Couch surfing is a big thing in Slovenia, too 😉 (remember, we are crazy but safe-crazy).

Five: TO DO or NOT to do?
Once you have a place to stay and you found a good place to eat and a place to drink – let us navigate through Ljubljana’s to do list:
– ARCHITECTURE (Ljubljana Castle, Triple Bridge, Butchers’ Bridge, Dragon BridgeCongress Square, Prešeren SquareChurches, Robba Fountain…)
Ljubljana WALKING TOUR (Ljubljana is a small city – discover the beauties of it on foot or by bike 😉 )
Ljubljana GRAFFITI TOUR (Lovers of Art, engage!)
– Get “lost” in the OLD CITY CENTRE (food, drinks, sights…)
METELKOVA (street art + alternative lifestyle)
– Hop on Ljubljana’s FUNICULAR (lazy way to access the castle)
– Sport enthusiasts can take a tour of Ljubljana on SUP on the Ljubljanica river or run the Ljubljana Marathon, or just enjoy one of the many parks scattered across Ljubljana…
– Hangout enthusiasts must try the Ljubljana PUBCRAWL (cheers!)


Now that you know about Ljubljana you can tripadvisor the sh*t out of it and make sure that this small but beautiful part of the world becomes a part of your TO-DO LIST!

The best thing about Slovenia is the fact, that you can reach EVERY wonder imaginable (out of the ones that make us the most beautiful country in the world) in less than 2 hours. So, book your flight/train/bus/ride… and come visit!

Feel free to contact me via e-mail about any-(Slovenia related)-thing!



FOTO:, visitljubljana, openkitchen FB, Celica Hostel