Engagement Dates: everything comes to an end…

I always knew I was going to marry Manca


Hello 🙂

Rewind to 2013

My name is Andraž.
I look like a wealthy, bald hobo-vampire with a ginger beard – that took a shit in the vicinity of an air vent (me, not the beard). I have freckles, yogurthy skin, orange (pubic) hair and a shortage of hair follicles (a cute expression for being bald).
My looks don’t bother me, yet that does define me. Something about me – what? that’s what I have yet to figure out – attracts the most beautiful woman on planet Earth: Manca.
I said that my looks define me. Everyone thinks I’m super rich. That’s why: “She’s super hot and he’s … NOT! Gotta be rich as f*ck!”.

Well, I’m not. Rich …
And now everyone’s wondering: “Does he have a ginormous di*k? Hm, whats the average again, 3-4 inches? … Khm …
NO, Manca’s not like that! #shemademesaythat

3===> or $$$

It’s not all about the money … and/or (big) di*ks!

It’s just this strange attraction between us: she’s a small little weirdo and I’m a big (little) weirdo, and we complete each other perfectly (insert “oooh, how cute” squeaky voice).
We have been together for 9 years (magical number?!) and we faced a certain amount of problems, that even strengthened our bond. We are a perfect example of “nothing can stop our love” couple and we’re proud to show it. We are still here and we (still) love each other. Actually I love her more with every day that I get to spend in her presence, knowing that she loves me at least one bit as much as I love her …
Let’s be super romantic and forget about those 6-7 days a month when I try to love her despite her being a … Nope, not gonna say it – I’m being romantic. I love her any day, every second! Even if she is a nagging dragon that doesn’t like to be poked when she’s paying her debt to Mother Nature.


It’s hard, you know. People have been asking us the same damn questions for the last … I don’t know how many years: “When are you gonna get married?” and “WHY aren’t you married yet?”. Those questions ALWAYS lead to more questions: “What about kids?” and my all-time favourite, coming from her dad, that already IS a granddad (2 times): “Do you plan on having kids, like EVER … or are you just gonna collect dogs?!” (we have exactly ONE dog).

So, yeah! People ruined all the romance in our soon-to-be engagement. We talked about it – a lot. It came to the point, where we said that we are going to postpone everything until everything cools down, but I think Manca kind of anticipated me doing something super-romantic and I didn’t like that. I wanted it to be a surprise.

HOW to surprise someone with something you have been talking about for the past year? I needed a big distraction!

Plan A?

My original plan was to take her on 9 dates – a date for every year we have been together, BUT I wanted her to believe that I forgot about the marriage/proposal thing completely.
I planned out every little detail far in advance. On dates 2, 4, 6, 8 and 9 I was going to give her small, meaningless gifts that would, when the time comes, form a perfect engagement gift. I bought the ring and I picked the locations of the dates in a way that, if you connect the locations on the map, you get a heart-shaped symbol. #CUTE

Every date was supposed to be better than the one before. This task was hard and – as predicted – NOTHING went as I planned.

After the first date (that was a complete disaster!), I changed my tactics. I was going to shock her with 7 lousy dates and a good one (in between), just so she doesn’t brake up with me :D, and then swipe her of her feet with the best date ever – the engagement date – a date that was going to make her mine for the rest of our lives.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in her shoe…

I wondered, brainstormed and googled, until I found the perfect engagement gift.
After collecting the 5 items: something old (a ring from my mother), something new (the engagement ring), something borrowed (a permanently borrowed pin from her best friend), something blue (a blue handmade garter) and a sixpence (for her to carry in her shoe), I made a small box for her to store all the items in, after we get married. 

I was ready to engage. 🙂

The (w)E day

The 8 dates were horrible, as I planned and it was time for the 9th date!

I waited and waited – I needed good weather for our “last” date – but the damn sun kept me waiting for a few more weekends :/
FINALLY we were in the car, driving towards our happiness … Well, she’s definitely going to say “Yes!” … won’t she?

I was nervous, she was babbling about something – I must admit, I wasn’t really listening. I was in the zone! We came to our spot: the tree house, where we had one of our first dates ever. We visited the place every once in a while so she had no clue. It was just days before her birthday and she probably thought that I was giving her an early present.

She closed her eyes, I tied a scarf around her head and sat her down on the blanket I unfolded, while she was getting out of the car.
Then I just stared at her for a few seconds – I was really going to do this – I was going to propose to the most beautiful girl in the world. I was going to be happy for the rest of my life!

I poured us some champagne and removed her blindfold. She was giggling, asking about the special occasion and talking about the times we were here before. I just kissed her and hugged her … When she opened her eyes, she saw what she was supposed to see in the first place.

I carved out “Marry me” into our old tree.
She started crying. Then she cried some more. I handed her the small box and explained the meaning of those “meaningless” gifts. She looked me in the eyes …
Those few seconds felt like hours: “Are you gonna say YES, or what!?” … Thoughts were running through my mind.
All I remember is her saying: “YES!” and kissing me.


That day was the happiest day of my life. I felt like a grown-up. I felt … a million times more connected to her as any day before. It was a strange feeling – I fell in love … again. I was filled with adrenaline and I was … happy.

Manca was my fiancée!


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