It’s easy being a Mom.
Moms have about 9 months to prepare for the biggest adventure of their lifetime. They can feel life growing inside of them, creating a connection more powerful than anything in this world. Moms have the time to change, the time to become what they were meant to be.
On the other side, it’s not easy being a Dad.
We play a giant role in the baby-making process, yet we are more or less excluded for the rest of these 9 months of the life changing saga that we call pregnancy.

While growing inside her body, the Baby creates a special bond with its Mother and once born, the Baby continues to rely solely on its One and only (that is the Mom), while the Father is pushed to the side and remains less important for … how many months?

Mothers just do what they are supposed to do – be there for the one that needs them the most.
Mothers give birth … because they have to. Mothers nurse … because they have to. Mothers cuddle … because they have to.

Fathers have to fight for the Baby’s attention and/or love.
Fathers prepare the baby formula, change the diapers and do everything else they can to help … because they want to.

This is what makes parenting hard(er) for Fathers.
We must want to ______, while Mothers just have to _______.

All those nights – staying up, trying to burp your child, changing its diapers, feeding it … Mothers are better at it, because they have to excel at what they do. Maternal instincts are not something Fathers posses. We can learn – but we can not exceede our masters – no matter how hard we want to.

Every Father is not a Dad. Being a Father is a right, while being a Dad is a privilege.

Bow down to your spouse and accept that you are (in the) wrong. She is their Mother and she will be their Mom, while you are their Father – but you will have to earn the right to be their Dad.

You have to WANT to be there for them from the second you lay between her thighs and … Well, that is the one thing I know you WANT to do …

But are you ready to want to … be the best Dad ever?


*photo: Ujeti Trenutek