Dnevnik 21-letnika: Sprechen zi Engliš?


We are now entering the 11th hour of my 12-hour shift, yet we still haven’t done sh*t today.
I say “we”, because every fu*king minute someone walks by and asks me: “What are WE reading?”.
Well, I’m trying to prepare for my … Well, I said I was going to … Well, I should be reading summaries – that would mean, at least a small amount of energy was “wasted” on my lame attempts at getting prepared for the English exam I’m facing tomorrow – but I’m not!

I’m sleepy, cranky and totally unprepared.
We were partying last night and I had to wake up at 5 am this morning, after just 3 hours of sleep, so … I’m relying on pure talent, haha. I got a 7 out of 8 the last time and I’m hoping for a solid 6 this time, due to my poor hearing and the fact that I haven’t even tried to focus on the mandatory reading (of the books The Diamond as Big as the Ritz and An Ideal Husband).

Yeah, I’m super-lazy.

I wrote this though – just so nobody can say that I didn’t practice at all … Red, green, white, yellow … Car, house … One, two, tres, vier, funf, šest, sedam, osam, 9, 10 …

I fell asleep again, probably the third time in the process of writing this and about the 99th time today.

I’m done: over and out!

Stiskejte pesti zame (jutri, sobota od 9:00 naprej)!



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